Live without limits

More than ever in this world, at this time, we value freedom. Freedom from routine, freedom to move, freedom of thought... Freedom to chase that which we care about and that which we dream of.

Bringing together the highest quality product and uniquely inspiring packaging in a brand that is as forward looking as it is aspirational, as individual as it is universal, Pursue is in a category and class of its own.

Love, move, live: Pursue.

We created Pursue by taking 4 core pillars into account –

  • Utmost Quality
  • Details & Unique Design
  • Artistry
  • Sustainability

Bottle Design & Art

The Pursue bottle takes inspiration from the late 19th / early 20th century crown top soda bottles. The result is a slim, distinct and elegant bottle, with captivating visual refractions created by the grooves when the bottle is filled with liquid. A contemporary approach while holding all the elements of nostalgia.

Pursue works with some of the world’s best illustrators to create unique artworks for each flavor/label, as can be seen with the unique caricatures made for every single variant.

Environment, Sustainability & Diversity

Bottled and Produced in a zero-discharge distillery, where no water goes to waste. Ranked #1 in category A for hygiene and safety awarded by The Green Triangle Society. A large portion of our bottles and packaging material is made from recycled material. Over 55% of our workforce comprises of women.